Our COVID-19 Response

A Clean and Safe Environment

We’ve dedicated countless hours and significant resources toward ensuring our office is prepared to provide you with a safe environment for your dental needs.  Continue reading to learn more about the changes we’ve made and what to expect at your next visit.

Air purification

We’ve added medical grade air purifiers to each of our treatment rooms and common areas.   These purifiers help to remove airborne containments and viruses.   They are able to filter the air in each room up to 6 times per hour.

Individual rooms

Our office features individual treatment rooms instead of an open concept.   This allows us to close doors and isolate rooms during patient treatment to prevent the spread of airborne contamination, while at the same time air purifiers continuously filter the air.

Patient and staff screening

Our staff is screened regularly throughout the day and monitoring their health and activities while away from the office.  Patients are screened through a variety of methods prior to their appointments.  

increased disinfection

While the dental profession has always taken extraordinary precautions toward maintaining a clean environment, we’ve implemented additional, more rigorous protocols throughout all parts of our office and procedures

HEPA HVAC Filtration

Our central heating and air conditioning system features a HEPA media air filter to help remove airborne contaminants.   A continuously running fan ensures the air in our office is constantly filtered during all hours of the day.

Low Volume office

By being a smaller and lower volume office, we are naturally able to abide by social distancing recommendations and ensure that patient to patient contact is minimal.  We’ve carefully adjusted our scheduling to ensure additional time with each of our patients and to aid in our cleaning efforts between appointments.


Some aspects of our business will change while we work to maintain a safe environment.   This includes our facility, office policies, scheduling, and staff appearance.  Continue reading for what to expect at your next appointment.

Patient Pre-Screening

Patients will complete a screening questionnaire 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.   Your answers will be reviewed with you upon your arrival

Additional staff PPE

In following CDC guidelines our staff will be equipped with much more PPE than you have been accustomed to seeing.  This includes face shields, head caps, N95 respirators, and isolation gowns.  

Face masks

Please wear a face mask to your appointment.   Once seated we will provide you with a paper bag for storage during your visit.

Extended appointment times

To accommodate for additional disinfection time, use of PPE, and social distancing, appointments will be spread out further than usual.

Your understanding is appreciated!

We sincerely appreciate your continued business and patience while we adapt to the new guidelines and strive to provide the safest environment for our patients and staff.    

Focus on Safety

The Coronavirus crisis has changed the landscape for countless businesses with Dentistry being near the top of the list.  We’ve spent countless hours reviewing research and recommendations in order to adjust both our office space and protocols to ensure we provide the safest environment possible.  In many ways we’re fortunate in that Dentistry already abided by some of the strictest infection control measures, measures we already took seriously and strived to improve on.   

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